Wednesday, March 31, 2004

'Let the rains fall.....'

I'm posting from the library internet acces... just making my first visit here. I didn't attend for any class yet. Had to settle down all the things... I'm taking only 'Bahasa Melayu Lanjutan' and 'Quran & Sunnah for Built Invoronment' for this short semester period..

The important and new thing that i found here is, walking on the two foot is really tiring... i need my own transport. Perhaps a bycicle is enough for me... Some seniours of mine said, it is not a big deal to them... maybe mereka sudah terlebih dulu makan garam dan sudah lali... well, maybe one time i will find it is a matter that is easy to take.

Yesterday, went shopping with my friends.. as the mega sale will end really soon...i have deciding to won't let the good opputunity go a way jus like that... Bought a new shoes :) ~ An exciting things to do neh~

The sad news was, i've got 8,400.00 dollar ONLY for the PTPTN... uwaaa~ that's not enough for me maa... not enough for the fees... and definitely not enough untuk perbelanjaan harian aku... Tak pueh hatinyer ... baik tak yoh bui gitu gak~ aku la yang mengong, lurus bendul sangat...

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