Saturday, May 07, 2011

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I must have forgotten to tell you, my newly online blogshops >> 72hr.shops <<

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Only a piece of memory

Salam semua, it's been a while since i had my last post here. Since, dah ter'log-in' here, why not i give it one now :D. Yeah, a lot of things come and a go within this period; an up-and-down career path, leisure activities plus new venture in activities (i've done mount climbing-Gunung Cabang, and paintball w/ officemates), its awesome!!. Here some of the pics at Gunung Cabang .

@ the peak
Here we are Cabangians.heh!

watch this, bokeh style is it?? - canon g11

sneak peak preview before reaching to the top

enjoy hiking with u olls geng :D
Enough of the hiking thingy, even its so damn tired, but its worth it!! next mount, anyone?? naa, may be next time. heheee..

To what have happened to the world- japan earthquake , politic's phenomenon of the world and our country itself, its seems that we are reaching to it ends...are we prepare to that?? ya, it takes us, too many time to spend and to think of the so-called life matter, how about the after-life preparation, are we prepare enough ?? Ya, sesungguhnya manusia sentiasa alpa dengan apa yang berada di depan matanya. Pesanan buat semua dan diriku, banyakkan zikir dan selawat setiap hari selain solat 5 waktu yang wajib kita tunaikan. Bekalkan diri kita dengan sebanyak mungkin amal ibadah.

Cubalah jadikan hari ini lebih baik dari semalam,