Sunday, July 26, 2009

i can't sleep

Me, still awake at 5.15 a.m..

Starting yesterday, exploring sketchup script-ruby script.. pretty impresive. Almost 2 thn..sepanjang sy menggunakan appl. sketchup ni, br saya sedar akan kepentingan script ni dlm sketchup. Bertapa bergunanya ia dlm kerja-kerja sy. Thank god that i am not that too late to know.. well u can google it at youtube ( author by go-2-school).. i'm start to lovin it.hehe

Oh yes.. fakhriah's wed yesterday.. very gorgeous la.. itu la yg dpt digambrkan... tiba agak lewat, sbb mengaggap kedatangan pengantin dlm 2.30 but i was wrong.. tiba sahaja, pengantin dah menyantap..tak sempat tgok diorg berarak.. oh i jus bump to see arafah (with her siblings) and fairin.miss u both. :) Budak-budak lain yang dikenali x terjumpa pula kan.. sempat juga captured a few pics.. Nuha thanks temankan td.

Got home-made steamboat for dinner to the fullest..hurm

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best fren wed

I took half day work smlm, to attend her majlis akad nikah.
Found out only me and capot yg could attend , yup of course it was a working day,susahla they all lain nk dtg kan..hurm

The ceremony, goes well. She turn out so much cantik, anggun dan jelita... ehhe. That 's what they call naik seri pengantin nye. thumbs up to the mak andam . Everything about it.. look so perfect lah. The last thing i could forget is the katil pengantin...hehe very luxurious, i tell u.. fury finish bedsheet!!

No images for now..but i'll put them in my next entry together with her wed's ceremony that would be today saturday, 25 july09.

Alhamdullillah kwn...u finally be a wifey. Perjalanan hidup akan datang lebih bermakna disamping hubby terchenta . May all the hapiness be with u .

Ya rabbi.. Engkau berkatilah dan rahmatilah hidup mereka , dan kurniakanlah zuriat yg soleh dan solehah.. amin

Sunday, July 12, 2009

After a long...long...break!

Say hello again to my long lost e-diary... uhuuh! At last, i found back a way to log in my account. But still i need to manage back my email account since i figured out it falselu using my lil sis email acount for my blog?! Blurr...

About a year a go ( if i'm not mistaken), since my last post, and i've been through several ups and down of my pre-grad period up to now, my so-called working life. That give the idea of how much things i had left to share them in here... in order of recording my life journey safely in here.. yeah ,hopefully :)

Till then..i'm out now. lunch time.. (laksa penang) ..yummy