Sunday, July 12, 2009

After a long...long...break!

Say hello again to my long lost e-diary... uhuuh! At last, i found back a way to log in my account. But still i need to manage back my email account since i figured out it falselu using my lil sis email acount for my blog?! Blurr...

About a year a go ( if i'm not mistaken), since my last post, and i've been through several ups and down of my pre-grad period up to now, my so-called working life. That give the idea of how much things i had left to share them in here... in order of recording my life journey safely in here.. yeah ,hopefully :)

Till then..i'm out now. lunch time.. (laksa penang) ..yummy


dalifejusbegin said...

oh i was sooo wrong!

it wasn't a year but, 2 years peeps..uhuhuhu..

siti said...

marry..welcome back from your lo000ooooo000ng vacation!!!