Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best fren wed

I took half day work smlm, to attend her majlis akad nikah.
Found out only me and capot yg could attend , yup of course it was a working day,susahla they all lain nk dtg kan..hurm

The ceremony, goes well. She turn out so much cantik, anggun dan jelita... ehhe. That 's what they call naik seri pengantin nye. thumbs up to the mak andam . Everything about it.. look so perfect lah. The last thing i could forget is the katil pengantin...hehe very luxurious, i tell u.. fury finish bedsheet!!

No images for now..but i'll put them in my next entry together with her wed's ceremony that would be today saturday, 25 july09.

Alhamdullillah kwn...u finally be a wifey. Perjalanan hidup akan datang lebih bermakna disamping hubby terchenta . May all the hapiness be with u .

Ya rabbi.. Engkau berkatilah dan rahmatilah hidup mereka , dan kurniakanlah zuriat yg soleh dan solehah.. amin

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siti said...

u bila lg marry? hehehe..tak sabar nk mkn nasik myk kat bangi nie.. yey!