Friday, November 17, 2006

Rahsia Orang-orang Terkaya Di Malaysia Terbongkar

Luangkan Masa Anda Seketika...Pasti tak rugi!!

Rahsia Forex adalah buku sensasi dari Fadzley, Jutawan Muda Melayu yang bakal merubah kehidupan anda sekarang. Fadzley akan membongkar rahsia menjana pendapatan yang lumayan yang selama ini digunakan oleh institusi-institusi kewangan dan orang-orang terkaya di Malaysia.

Berikut adalah pengakuan salah seorang pelajar, Desmond Landing dari
Lahad Datu, Sabah, yang telah mengaplikasikan teknik dan strategi yang
Fadzley gunakan untuk menjana beribu-ribu setiap saat.


"Hai Fadzley,

Saya ingin ucap terima kasih banyak-banyak sama kamu.
Didikan kamu sangat berkesan serta sangat mudah di ikuti.

Selepas mempelajari dan mempraktiskan teknik rahsia kamu ini,
saya telah berjaya mendapat RM3,000 hasil usaha saya dalam masa 5 hari...

Wah, bagaikan mimpi saya ketika itu. Sehingga kini pun saya masih rasa
bagaikan bermimpi. Saya tahu teknik kamu bagus dan boleh mendatangkan
untung pada saya, tapi saya tidak sangka sehingga begini
BANYAK dalam masa yang begitu SINGKAT pula.

Jika saya tahu, sudah pasti saya melabur lebih banyak lagi
dan menjadi kaya raya seperti kamu. Kamu adalah idola saya
sekarang kerana kamu telah membuka mata saya kepada potensi
wang yang bakal saya peroleh.

Terima kasih.

- Desmond Landing
Lahad Datu, Sabah"


Anda juga boleh mendapat hasil yang sama seperti Desmond dengan mengaplikasikan
teknik dan strategi yang terdapat di dalam Rahsia Forex.

Baca pengakuan dari mereka-mereka yang telah mencubanya
dan beroleh keuntungan lumayan daripada buku ini.

Rahsia Forex - Harga Promosi RM50

link exchange

Selamat berjaya.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

a looser

Yesterday, we have a presentation on inventory of Sg. Merbok, after all the hardwork we do. nothing much to say.... but i feel sad that i fee like a looser..!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Old school Fwens~ muahxxx

Last week i hangout with some old school friends which are 'best-tak-hengat'. We had it at Time Square...again?? ( last pegi dgn members of RRC, igt nak post entry on that day, but pict Ain dok bui lagi, tunggu deh??) .Eventually, fecky had 2 nights living at nearby hotel, in front of Time square itself). The people who make it on that day was Fecky, Fulana, Affaf and me (++ sorg member Fecky). Motif asal adalah untuk bermain di Cosmo World, akan tetapi, disebabkan kelewatan masing-masing, menyebabkan masa yang ada agak terhad kalau nak main sepuas-puasnya.So, our activity was... round and round and round the place...and we have fun!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

serupa tp x sama

I've got this pict from a friend of mine. Yeah..he look really like Ronaldinho... His parent must be proud of him, anaknya mirip jaguh bola sepak dunia!... boleh wat Swap, tiada siapa bole identify which Ronaldinho and which one is Ronaldikin. ooo no no no... when it comes time to speak, the secret will reveal!!!!!! heh

Sleep football....... Eat football........Drink footbal........This is World Cup Fever 2006!!!!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our Mini Zoo

What animal r u disgust most? In real life... the nastiest creature for me would be the lizard, and frog.. can't imagine how it feel when it being touched.. it is things i see arround me. Coz, there are some of them that look fascinating. These are types that can be found in different weather.. kind like green frog, or species which have colourful figures (but, still i won't feel like i want to touch them)... talking about lizard, one day at my house's kitchen, during breakfast [the menu was roti + tuna + beans with sos], so near the toaster there was a 'cicak kering'...yuckkkss!! i was like ' buat2 tak nampak fact i think much on it..'what if it come from the toaster itself?'. sbb melihat kesan dr kematian this creature was caused by kebakaran or electric shock.I don't think much of it.. besides, the roti-bakar was good. Later, when mom came back and got into this cicak story... she said, " oh ya, td pagi cicak yang mati tu kan, mama jumpa kat...." , and all than sudden, i know that what i thought was true. I was like "aaaaaaa....eeiiiye..yuckss!". Memang betul tempat kematian adalah didalam toaster tersebut....hahaha. The moral of the story is , after guna toaster pandai2 la cover it semula. Jgn dibiarkan mulutnya ternganga begitu shj. On top of it, i remember once my art teacher back in Kusess, she had told us that she had once drink of a cup of teh susu which in it contains a lizard. what a freaking nasty~ cannot imagine if i am in her place. Mau tak lalu makan beb! @_@

Actually, i can consider my house like zoo, besides our pets the-three-ninja-turtles and koi fish, there are others sort of pets yg selalu aje bertandang ke rumah walaupun tak dijemput [e.g. kucing orang sebelah]. Oleh kerana, just behind our house is a peace of land without tuan what have make it terbiar macam hutan.. there lives the monkeys and squirel. Memang diorang suka mengganggu ketenteraman. kalau dulu pokok rambutan depan rumah ni memang mereka2lah who ate them most... this are not include lagi si coackroaches, si lizards and si ants. kalau dulu ditambah dengan si mouse and sometimes si bat... wahaha meriah sungguh rumah ini!

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's nothing

It's about 4.32 a.m ... still sitting in front my pc and it's raining lightly out there... you wonder what i' m doing here from 10 p.m last night..? i've found new enjoyment watching 'prison break', just finish it up till the 12th episod... tak sabar nak tunggu sambungannye ^_^ ... then, surf fotopages peeps yg aku kenal... and it turn out thati've found many of them are belongs to those kaedians.. wah, thumbs up to those peeps.. kinda talented, i never thought... In fact, i kinda fall into it too..u know, those taking pictures stuffs, photography, wonderful images, images edting, those creativity, and the effects... yeah i'm sort of fall into it.. and that's effort must do. i'm going to take photography lesson next semester. Drop the enterpreneur [ why the hell i'm taking it, full vacancy act. at that time] , i'm going try to make a shot if there any vacancie left..for yan, ada and ana too. heh now wut i'm blabering about? need to sleep.. oh yeah, that pict also was done just now, that's why i'm still here at 4.54 a.m, got to go to sleep now.. later~

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Z.a.e.i.m = tHe PM [... saya runsing @_@]
I.j.a.l = tHe asst. PM [ ....Bapk saiko!~]
W.a.n = tHe PA [....Mary-M? Mariam-M? lagi gelaran baru]
M.i.m.i = tHe crazy Clara
W.a.n.i.e = tHe minah Deco a.k.a Pro-Plant steeler
Y.u.s = tHe ton Deco a.k.a co-plant steeler
Y.o.n = tHe future-to-be photographer
L.i.d.a = tHe stick-holder laughter
S.u.h.a = tHe glitter ssp~
N.a.d = tHe dedicative Ceti
Z.e.r.i.n = tHe chips
A.i.n = tHe unstopable mangkuk tingkat
H.u.s.n.a = tHe 'others-commitment' lady

Fail to school

Headline diatas adalah berkisarkan Ahmad (adikku yg bongsu) yg demam... hahaih sengsara aku tgok dia demam, agaknye dia jarang tekena disease ni... Aku bangun pagi tadi macam biasa, but a few minute early than yesterday la, aku siap-siap makan- mandi, tetiba rasa nak jenguk pc kat atas.. tekejut gak la nampak lampu terpasang and saw he sit in front of the laptop playing oline game... haih demam-demam bleh lak main game ek??

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

4 the past two months

What happen actually 4 the past two month... third sem 4 multidip course..It was the sweetest memories of studio's life yg tak dapat nak ditukar ganti dgn wang ringgit.. This multidip. coarse was actually very enjoy la.. not like the regular semester.. maybe disebabkan tiadanya studio master yg nak mengawal kami sentiasa.. kerana kami dengan dunia kami. Even though a few things happen, the enjoys, the hardness, the thrills, the challenges, the sadness and what so ever... sumenye meninggalkan kenangan yg manis. For all the members of Rumpun Reka Consultants.. u'r the best...the memories and moments will remain... jangan after this bile jumpa masing-masing wat bodo je, siap la sape wat cenggitu! Ain cepat-cepat la burn sume picts tu, aku tak sabar dah ni.uhuh~ Don't worry peeps, i'll post the picts here...orait then, to be continue...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Justa freaking driver

It's going to be a dull day
9.17 a.m .. my phone ringing. The ma'am voice calling from HUKM , supposedly the next appointment should be tomorrow but, it's going to postpone it regarding some renovation to do at their place.. still blur when answering the call.. i was like .. 'ya..ha.. ya..ha..ha.. ok..tanks' but in a while, after hung up, i just remember 11 of July for the next apointment? I can't make it... i will be in charge for LAMAN exhibition for about a week ++ ... hurm, need to call them back and postpone it on behalf of me ( ituler jdnyer answer call dlm keadaan mamai..uik?)

1.45 p.m.. ayoh called, ' amat tak de kal lagi ke?? kalau dia kal..kal ayoh balik' .. in a minute later while i'm surfing on internet.. He call me and ask me to join him ambil amat from school..what ?? how the hell i know how to drive the van?? ( it's a very oldskool van- toyota liteace.. sound pon dah semput-semput!), i was thinking.. kereta manual pon aku gugup-gugup lagi.. lagikan van 'gabak' ni? Hehe.. freaking scared firstly, dgn kaki aku tak sampai nak tekan clutch, dgn steringnye yang agak berat, dgn gabranye + tak confidentnye. Enjin nak start pun, punyelah kena banyak bersabar. I need courage ...hahaha at the time nak reverse van, aku dah geselkan perut van tu dgn column garage..cedera sket la. It take a few minute actually nak reverse ..then second part at junction nak keluar ke jalan.. enjin mati..need to adjust with my sit... etc. After that, ready...and of me go... hahaih~ it's quite ok though, not that hard like i was thinking before.. ( firts dengar si Alia pun dah reti bawa van, i really feel being challenged ..hahaha) . Next time, i just need courage and brave inside of me.. aja aja fighting!!

I'ts A Damn Long Time

Since when the last post i wrote here? yeah, its a damn long time ... what make me come back? i don't even know.. maybe, to get and find myself back .. whatever i have forgot or whatever i have missed or whetever i'm going to search for .. the will,the courage and the bless from Allah in which will determined it. Some used to let their life be like river flow.. let it goes and admit it as time goes by... well it depends, but at least think of it in a while...