Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our Mini Zoo

What animal r u disgust most? In real life... the nastiest creature for me would be the lizard, and frog.. can't imagine how it feel when it being touched.. it is things i see arround me. Coz, there are some of them that look fascinating. These are types that can be found in different weather.. kind like green frog, or species which have colourful figures (but, still i won't feel like i want to touch them)... talking about lizard, one day at my house's kitchen, during breakfast [the menu was roti + tuna + beans with sos], so near the toaster there was a 'cicak kering'...yuckkkss!! i was like ' buat2 tak nampak fact i think much on it..'what if it come from the toaster itself?'. sbb melihat kesan dr kematian this creature was caused by kebakaran or electric shock.I don't think much of it.. besides, the roti-bakar was good. Later, when mom came back and got into this cicak story... she said, " oh ya, td pagi cicak yang mati tu kan, mama jumpa kat...." , and all than sudden, i know that what i thought was true. I was like "aaaaaaa....eeiiiye..yuckss!". Memang betul tempat kematian adalah didalam toaster tersebut....hahaha. The moral of the story is , after guna toaster pandai2 la cover it semula. Jgn dibiarkan mulutnya ternganga begitu shj. On top of it, i remember once my art teacher back in Kusess, she had told us that she had once drink of a cup of teh susu which in it contains a lizard. what a freaking nasty~ cannot imagine if i am in her place. Mau tak lalu makan beb! @_@

Actually, i can consider my house like zoo, besides our pets the-three-ninja-turtles and koi fish, there are others sort of pets yg selalu aje bertandang ke rumah walaupun tak dijemput [e.g. kucing orang sebelah]. Oleh kerana, just behind our house is a peace of land without tuan what have make it terbiar macam hutan.. there lives the monkeys and squirel. Memang diorang suka mengganggu ketenteraman. kalau dulu pokok rambutan depan rumah ni memang mereka2lah who ate them most... this are not include lagi si coackroaches, si lizards and si ants. kalau dulu ditambah dengan si mouse and sometimes si bat... wahaha meriah sungguh rumah ini!

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