Friday, June 23, 2006

It's nothing

It's about 4.32 a.m ... still sitting in front my pc and it's raining lightly out there... you wonder what i' m doing here from 10 p.m last night..? i've found new enjoyment watching 'prison break', just finish it up till the 12th episod... tak sabar nak tunggu sambungannye ^_^ ... then, surf fotopages peeps yg aku kenal... and it turn out thati've found many of them are belongs to those kaedians.. wah, thumbs up to those peeps.. kinda talented, i never thought... In fact, i kinda fall into it too..u know, those taking pictures stuffs, photography, wonderful images, images edting, those creativity, and the effects... yeah i'm sort of fall into it.. and that's effort must do. i'm going to take photography lesson next semester. Drop the enterpreneur [ why the hell i'm taking it, full vacancy act. at that time] , i'm going try to make a shot if there any vacancie left..for yan, ada and ana too. heh now wut i'm blabering about? need to sleep.. oh yeah, that pict also was done just now, that's why i'm still here at 4.54 a.m, got to go to sleep now.. later~

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