Monday, June 19, 2006

Justa freaking driver

It's going to be a dull day
9.17 a.m .. my phone ringing. The ma'am voice calling from HUKM , supposedly the next appointment should be tomorrow but, it's going to postpone it regarding some renovation to do at their place.. still blur when answering the call.. i was like .. 'ya..ha.. ya..ha..ha.. ok..tanks' but in a while, after hung up, i just remember 11 of July for the next apointment? I can't make it... i will be in charge for LAMAN exhibition for about a week ++ ... hurm, need to call them back and postpone it on behalf of me ( ituler jdnyer answer call dlm keadaan mamai..uik?)

1.45 p.m.. ayoh called, ' amat tak de kal lagi ke?? kalau dia kal..kal ayoh balik' .. in a minute later while i'm surfing on internet.. He call me and ask me to join him ambil amat from school..what ?? how the hell i know how to drive the van?? ( it's a very oldskool van- toyota liteace.. sound pon dah semput-semput!), i was thinking.. kereta manual pon aku gugup-gugup lagi.. lagikan van 'gabak' ni? Hehe.. freaking scared firstly, dgn kaki aku tak sampai nak tekan clutch, dgn steringnye yang agak berat, dgn gabranye + tak confidentnye. Enjin nak start pun, punyelah kena banyak bersabar. I need courage ...hahaha at the time nak reverse van, aku dah geselkan perut van tu dgn column garage..cedera sket la. It take a few minute actually nak reverse ..then second part at junction nak keluar ke jalan.. enjin mati..need to adjust with my sit... etc. After that, ready...and of me go... hahaih~ it's quite ok though, not that hard like i was thinking before.. ( firts dengar si Alia pun dah reti bawa van, i really feel being challenged ..hahaha) . Next time, i just need courage and brave inside of me.. aja aja fighting!!

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