Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Z.a.e.i.m = tHe PM [... saya runsing @_@]
I.j.a.l = tHe asst. PM [ ....Bapk saiko!~]
W.a.n = tHe PA [....Mary-M? Mariam-M? lagi gelaran baru]
M.i.m.i = tHe crazy Clara
W.a.n.i.e = tHe minah Deco a.k.a Pro-Plant steeler
Y.u.s = tHe ton Deco a.k.a co-plant steeler
Y.o.n = tHe future-to-be photographer
L.i.d.a = tHe stick-holder laughter
S.u.h.a = tHe glitter ssp~
N.a.d = tHe dedicative Ceti
Z.e.r.i.n = tHe chips
A.i.n = tHe unstopable mangkuk tingkat
H.u.s.n.a = tHe 'others-commitment' lady


Na de Rule said...

RRc best!best!best!

dalifejusbegin said...

na-de rule xxx Rrc rules!!!heh =p