Thursday, May 06, 2004


Hate this feeling~ my B.M presentation didn't go well. I've blew everything. I'm supposed to memorize everything. But i have made myself up to it... i'm eading the text. and that's wut cikgu have complained about it..i feel miserable then. keep thinking about it all the way hostel.. erm,i'm thinking about going home this week. But, time last minute nih la baru nak ada kelas ganti...isk. cuti panjang hari tu bukan aku balik pon. Tak jumpa Alia lagi..tahu² dia gi Time Square semalam ...cis!

Don't keep rememberng the past...think of the future will be...tambah² benda yang tak menggembirakan.Lagi tak best nak diingat...

**I've made a mistake that actually not really my fault... this is just my own personal site, my rights... i'm not responsiblity for any heart feeling.

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