Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Time is running, people is changing

Well, what made me out of my mind..i don't know. Early morning[8.30 a.m] me + nuha + alia did some gardening outside of the house. It looks like since ever we don't even bother about our compound! very messy... mana tidaknya, ayoh sorang yg rajin berkebun.Kitorang yg perempuan ni nak harap keluar rumah jemur kain pun payah (terukkan?), lagi nak berkebun...hehe~ Ingat nak basuh kolam yang dah lama terbiar tu... but then, mamat-mamat Indon ulak yang menyebok (bile lar mamat-mamat Indon ni nak blah), amat mengganggu privacy... 'A house is where a privacy is'...but, it is not it here,around my house. So, we have done it at some other part that is unwell-cared...It is quite exciting activity i found. We were thinking of doing it again tomorrow and the task is to clean up the 'kolam ikan'.Perhaps, we'll keep doing it regularly...

Oh ya, I've fortunately forgot about the job that i mention yesterday.Syafa called me, and she sounds dissapointed with what she is going to tell me...the job is canceled. That ma'm, dia kata it's only one job is offered..and that's didn't really bother me.But, the thing is... the man whom have resigned for the job want his job back! What kind of people is that? Dia dah meletakkan pengahrapan pada Syafa, that she surely get the job... But then, she is only a hoper. She really want to work.Desperate of needing money....lame juga la aku bergayut dengan Syafa, kene sound dengan Nuha...haha~

sesi ber'tenet' dengan amru, dengarkan je la masalah + kesedihan yang dia alami this time.Isk, sian ko... Setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnye', setialah dengan pegangan ni... someday u'll find a better one....Aku tak pernah berada dalam 'dunia' tu, and i have no idea about it either...sorry!

A person...dah lama lost contact, and finally we're 'talk' again...i feel a little weird. Maybe, time made people change...or it is something else which i am paranoid...that i can't take the joke he make...kinda hurting me. I don't know~ But, i know... he probably didn't mean it at all. It's me who is thinking that way... hehe~ I am talking nonsense again...sorry.

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