Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Off we go~

I went to see Arafah and Fakhriah this afternoon at WARTA. Arafah came over all along Gombak. She had something to do with Darul-Asyifa'... dah terlanjur dia mai Bangi, mahu juga jumpa dia...Lepas ni she is going to Kuantan campus...and probably hard to see her again after these... actually, I have problem with driving car. I'm not confident enough (even lesen P pun dah expired)...and just now, i force myself to do it, accompanied by Alia' (she is the one who worried most, and I pretended to be seems i'm succeed with the 'mission' today!), and Alia you better have to belief in me..hehe~ It was an enjoyful moment to hang out with them even for half an hours there...

I'm going off to Perlis tomorrow.Ayoh is going to have his anual conference like every other years before...and it take a whole family of each members of the society to gather... esok, me + alia + nuha are going.Ipang tak mahu pergi, amat pulak tak boleh...ada kelas tambahan(poor he~)and Mama is offed to Lamgkawi...kursus pengetua-pengetua.Daa...~ Nak pack barang and have fun!

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