Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Beginning of Year 1, 2004/2005

A new semester i'm in now here... year 1 of 2004/2005.What i will going through , through all this semester...and what is the next story of my life after this? can i face it well? who will know... I'm hoping...sesusah mana dan sebanyak mana halangan di hadapan, i'll try to do all te best.. I know, i own so many weakness and lackness... Aku hanya perlu kuatkan, kukuhkan, tingkatkan kekuatan, keberanian dan keyakinan diri. Even, i have a lot more to improve relating to my inner-self.

The first week of the new semester is really exhausted.hehehe~ Walaupun diri belum dihimpuni seribu macam assingments or projects.Walking around the campus only for looking the venue of classes is totally tiring.hehehe~ [it's quite far is it, between Kaed and Law building?] besides, i agree that university is not same with in matric.Totally not the same especialy, in leraning concept...The notes, we have to find it by ourselves. Take notes of the references they need, and find them in library. First come first serve...Siapa rajin, dapatlah ilmu..But, that's the problem is.. The books is very limited. Lewat sikit, no more books.I'm afraid... one day aku akan jadi malas nak pergi library to grab books.. then,fail!! I don't want to imagine that~

So far.. the studio course look very interesting... Semalam baru buat fieldtrip sekitar campus, together with Sir Ruzaimi...pretty interesting! I do get the spirit of being the student of Landscape Architecture.Knowing a bit of sir Ruzaimi's 'hard-time-period-to-become-as-successfull-as-he-is-now' story... He is very determind and a hardworking man,i think [first impression of him, after going through of his story].I salute u sir~

The list of subjects i'm taking through out this semester:

-Introdcution to Landscape Architecture
-Landscape Design 1 (studio)
-History of Landscape Architecture
-Horticulture and nursery practices
-Bahasa Melayu untuk Kerjaya
-Halaqah 1

Erm, there is one thing i can't help it during having all the course classes... I don't know, i'm getting awkward... or is it i'm the one so sombong... I'm sorry to act this way and if u think so that I kinda sombong, it's not ur fault, I'll try to be nice...

This week juga minggu paling boros...aku dah habiskan rm290 for a new spectackles [the previous one,skru loose, bingkai senget, then sebelah kanta plak tercicir..hilang] Actually boleh je repair, make a new lenses, But then aku je yang gatal...huhu. That's not all, i'm spending rm50 deposit for cosmetics core,Selvert [some gurls uiam might know about scanning face stuff, in front of Bank Islam] huhuhu~ Idiot me... Ana yang beria nak menscan, aku pun sangkut sama..Huh?? is so easy to get influenced by things that come to me, right Lan?? huhuhu~ Perfect, rm188 more to go... Shh..i'm not going to tell mama or ayoh about where's the hell rm528 was spent of...@_@

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