Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Stuck in the middle

2 minute distance become a 2 hours journeys. I had stuck since 6.30 pm on sg besi highway from Mines toward uniten. A tremendous bad traffic jammed I have ever had besides balik kampung fever!!! this is ridiculous !!! I mumbled to myself.. Cars not moving at all, and I didn't got the chance breaking my fast, plus ... I skipped Asr and maghrib yet.. Oh Allah please forgive me ;(.... This is madness!!!! What is wrong with things front there?! Ohhhh .......

A few minutes later, cars get moving slowly ...And guess what ?? The cause of this terrible traffics is ....flood!


Moral of the story:
- Patient is the most important, do not simply curse everything .. There must be a reason of everything that is happen.
- make sure your fuel car is always enough for travel. We never aspect what will happen during our driving mode. If not, when things like this happen , there will be dead cars on the road which however will cause trouble to the others..

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