Sunday, September 09, 2012

Last minute plan

Aku mendapat panggilan telefon daripada shima mempelawa aku untuk 'join' aktiviti gila, bermalam di Genting malam itu (including sy syakila n azuana). And it was very last minute, she called me around 5 p.m and wished to depart at 7.30. Pada asalnya kerana mereka tidak mempunyai kenderaan yang kondusif buat masa itu dan memerlukan kereta ku. Tetapi, pada ketika itu kenderaan ku dipinjam Ahmad. At the end, Syakilah always have the backup plan with her. Her 'best buddy' always there for her. Huhuuu.. kami just join sekaki ;)

So, Syakilah as the director of the trip booked a hotel for the night at Awana Hotel, for rm305 per night! Pretty costly, but that was the cheapest we have got, others were sold out! Woww! very common scenario of Genting during weekend we thought...

Here some snapshot sduring the trip, enjoy!

View from Awana hotel, room 10558- Good Morning sunrise!

no.68 - view from inside the skyway 
skyways climbing -  Fog fills up the  air
Long wait for a technician guy to come -
Our chargeable locker system down, and we have even paid rm10 for 2 hrs! 

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