Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Its a lovely morning..I feel like a big butterfly is in my stomac ~ I have a presentation on the litareture study for those ergonomic,anthropo... stuff. it's for my scnd minor project (design on a workstation for designer). Dunno wut its all about..try just to blaboring what we found in internet sources. urgh~ i felt my ears getting very hot. I'm too nervous. It's a usual symptoms.. i know that i had tu practice more and more to get use of it..when is it?it is how i am sejak zaman sekolah lagi..how am i going to be a profesional one day?.But what does really matter to me is my malu-tak-bertempat attitude.. i'm low in self-conviction..

The afternoon, syafa ask minta temankan die pegi cc Fz..tetibe terserempak anis+faezah.Dorang nak pegi IKEa dorang ajak kitorang...without thinking, we just say,"why not??"by wearing uia t-shirt+white tudung? skemalah pulak!!haha.. but kitorg still satisfied.Its a big place(kedua terbesar di rantau asia) ... very increbuble!!~ Tp, nak kuar from dat place..very hard..no taxi maa.

Fecky datang!! I'm quite shock! tetibe je muncul depan pintu...die dok pose gok ..hehe~ drive here all alone by herself!! berani btol akak nih ..having a long chit-chatting with her ...banyak la gak bende yg nak distorykan diksempatan yg ade.. bdak-bdak lain gih semyg terawih.she tell me about mr.F and mr.S ...and also mr.J ...tak sangke die knal rapat dgn mr.F...mber-mber aku sume admire kat bdak tuh..haha tp, aku tak ar..erm, abit changes i see on her...die dah makin berisi...haha..evrybody said so..die kate ..lagih tensi..lagi banyak die makan...sehat la nanti...

ape tip awk ar fecky?? nih nak kene blaja nih...ade petua??

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