Thursday, October 30, 2003

Allah is always looking...

Aku tak bangun sahur pon :( but why i am awake? hsetku memanggil-manggil..Cp wat why i am awake:) ai...wuts up with this been a while i never hear anything from him..wut a wonder..seems dat he totaly forget about me..Balik rumah ari tu, i hav figure it out from the msg he left to me (my yh msgr) what is actually goin on.. i don't know, is it jus a reason to get rid from this wierd situation or..nak sedapkan ati aku..He want us to be like usual.. i'm trying..but hardly express the feeling well..prefer to keep it deep inside my heart and jus let it linger in my mind and dis is wut i always be.. somethin dat i figure it out in myself ( i'm now good at judging myself) and i was told it to my roomees "i'm the one who hard to expressing my feeling..espeacially when i supposed to mad / sakit hati to some one..quaite is the only way dat i can do". I know it isn't a good way.. i will suffer and ppl around can't do anything.. it doesn't worth. I jus able to talk to the other me .She is the one who can understand me a lot besides Allah S.W.T yang Maha Mengetahui.

I'm having Muet Paper tomorrrowfor reading+listening+writting paper.. dunno what is going to i can do it or not..pray for me~