Monday, February 25, 2013

3rd quarter

New semester have come. Its 3rd semester now. More challenge to come. I need to keep on fighting, need concentration and focus more this time (though I have a partime contract job with office in about 3 months period. Hope it will not effect my study or vice versa). I'm quite worried actually. What to do, I have to!

This sem's subjects that I have took are, 1) solid and toxic waste management , 2) environmental toxicology and risk assessment , 3) land development and environment, 4) seminar and a research project need to be started already for the next semester. Huuuuu

I hope I can make through this, until the end of this semester and up to the very end of this master courses ,estimated early of next year.. I pray for myself and other too who are at the same state as me, do your best !!

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