Friday, June 29, 2012

Full Stop

- Mark Twain
31 May 2012 , was so-called an e-day. Since then, it has took me a few trials to step out from the zone, point-less zone. It was not totally, point-less, after all that i have went through, gained and learned back then. Yet, still i do not feel a real achievement in me there. Feels like, nothing will change if i stay there any longer.While, my heart keep telling me to walk through the door ... and just, search for other means. Apparently, my post-grad study was one of all the reasons besides of uncontrolled-workloads i had. I cannot afford to give my full commitment on both at a time. 

This is mad...I quit... and i got no backup plan....and yet, sigh.

Treasure every bit of seconds we had, and settle debts of  all list-things-to-do soonest possible, and work on plans, and move forward!

Ya Allah , aku yakin akan limpahan rezeki-Mu pada hamba-Mu ini. Amin~

' Jika kau mendapat perkerjaan yang kau cintai, maka kau tak akan merasa berkerja sepanjang hidupmu' - Semangat Positif @ twitter



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