Wednesday, December 10, 2003

hari ini dalam sejarah..

Today is a worse day… how am I and my friends were just unlucky, involving with this unpredictable-criminal things.. the day was so hard to us. It is true with some spoken says… ‘buat jahat akan dibalas buruk’..ppl who do harm finally will get their reciprocation..heh mmg aku ade wat jahat hari ni..Tp, it’s once in my life time.. boleh percaya ke?? But, why this time..mmg malang we all hari nih.. ape nak jadila kau labu

It start with.. today we are having the IES mid term examination. Preparation? Huh.. perhaps you can tell how many of them who have make the preparation.. I think overall ppl have made It in last minute .Try to imagine, everyone is rushing on finishing their coloring (tomorrow is the last day submit the project). And.. It’s just cross in our mind.. why don’t we do ‘toyol’! we had an instinct that tomorrow will be just the same situation like in IBE examination before where ppl slumber je talking with each other, exchanging paper, and mdm. herself try to help us by giving some clue. this become toyol besar-besaran when it involve about nine ppl. We do it full with strategies, sort of a ppl chain. And … guess what? We were kantoi! Whyla..when it is the first time we try-try nak buat jahat, time tula nak kantoi.. But the sad+shock thing to say..we were betrayed by a damn person.. never thought the rumors about her before is so true.. huh, kaki ampu+bodek betulla bdak nih!! can’t imagine she is like that.. memang pendengki betulla…If not because of her, we never get caught! so what’s next?? We’re dead....But the important thing is, kita orang takkan lepaskan that gurl.. dammit!

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